Paris, France

Bonjour mes amis!

If I will ever marry my boyfriend (fingercross). I want to kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower, walk along the Seine and go to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa smiling.

While watching at my postcards I realize thta there are so many wonderful cities I would like to see. Kind of sad when I think about that a lifetime is not enough to see every nice place in the world.

But isn’t this a niiiice postcard. A friend of mine (ich lieb dich Saskia!!!) sent this to me and she wrote all her  message in french ^^ worst french in the world, but still french (no just kidding – her french was super good 😉 ). Mon francais est très mauvais, but I am learning. My grandfather spoke 7 languages fluent and I would like to learn a lot more languages, so that I can talk to the people all over the world in their language 🙂  I speak German, English, Spanish and French, in this very moment I learn Nepali but I want to learn a lot more 🙂 learning languages is so much fun!

What languages do you speak? Have you been to Paris? What is a vacation of love for you? ❤ tell me about it! I love romantic stories 🙂


6 responses to “Paris, France

  1. Certainly a nice postcard 😉 I’ve been to Paris a few times and I thought it was a bit overrated as a destination (not to burst your bubble!) I think Barcelona is more romantic than Paris. Sitting on top of Montjuic on a warm, sunny afternoon, listening to a street artist play the flute, and just enjoying the stunning view of Barcelona…to me that is romantic 😉

    • eierkuchenmitpilz

      oh yeees I love Barcelona! You’re right this one very romantic city 🙂 el parque de Gaudí es one of my favourite places in the world ❤
      And no worries nothing can burst my pinky bubblegum dreams 😉

  2. Paris is nice but waay too crowded to be romantic, especially the area around the tower. I actually prefer the Parque de Gaudi as well 😉 Although I must admit that Sacre Coer is absolutely stunning.
    What other languages do you want to learn? I agree, I want to learn as many as possible and you’re already one ahead of me :-/ and I should defenetly practice more.
    Alors j’essaie en francais, d’accord 😉 je ne pense pas que c’est impossible de visiter toutes les endroites beau au monde. Regarde Farin Urlaub 😉 Il faut avoir d’argent et prendre du temps, mais je crois que c’est possible quand on veut absolument.
    Hope my french isn’t too rusty 🙂

  3. eierkuchenmitpilz

    Ah poor Paris – nobody thinks you are romantic. But I do. Just as I said – Nobody can burst my sparkly pinky bubble 🙂
    Well I need to learn latin next semester and I also would like to learn italian and okcitan (no idea if you write this this way 😉 )
    haha oui tu as raison, avec Frain Urlaub (*inlove*) mais ont doit rêver n’est-ce pas? 😉
    And congrats to your frensh 🙂 It is supidupi 🙂

    • That’s because we were all overexpectant when we came to Paris and got a little disapointed. But I like the tower. It looks like something from outer space 😀
      Where do people speak okcitan? I don’t think I have ever heard of that language (but maybe it’s just because of your spelling 😉 )
      Ah mercy beaucoup 🙂

      • occitan ( Ithink maybe this way) is a dead language that was used to be uses in the south of france (but it is nothing like french). but just maybe I don’t know. I want to learn lots of things…

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