Sydney, Australia

Hello my dear friends!

Thank you Laurent for this lovely postcard from Sydney 🙂

I have never (what surprise -.-) been in Australia, but I really really really would love to go there sometime!

When I think about Australia I realize that I forget all the time what its capital is. I know it is not Sydney and it is not Melbourne, but everytime somebody tells me I forget 5 minutes later, and I noticed, that I am not the only one 😛

On this postcard you can see the opera house of Sydney. I think this building is one of the nicest buildings in the world. And everybody knows what it is 😀

Have you ever been to Australia or to Sydney? Have you been in the opera house? What was it like? And do you also always forget the capital of Australia? xD

p.s.: To all readers who were wondering the whole time what the capital of Australia was. It is Canberra (looked it up in wikipedia xD)


4 responses to “Sydney, Australia

  1. I am proud to say that I didn’t forget the capital of Australia 😀 Actually I met an Australian two weeks ago and he mentioned that most people seem to only know five cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, and Brisbane. I named four of the five, leaving out Perth, haha!

    I’d love to go to Australia someday but even more so, New Zealand! My uncle’s family lives there so eventually I’ll go, but it’s so expensive and so far >_<

  2. eierkuchenmitpilz

    chapeaux annie! I alway forget it although I know Perth an Brsbane as well 😛

    I cross my fingers that you can visit New Zealand somehow 🙂

  3. I could have told you it’s Canberra 😉 But it’s not exactly the most exciting place on this planet 😀 I’ve actually met Sydnesider who said they’d rather the capital was Melbs than Canberra. But I still won’t forget it again 😉
    I thought you would post my postcard from Sydney. Pfff. But anyways it’s an amazing city. I absolutely love it. The Opera house is obviously a place everyone goes to. I think I’ve got about 500 pictures of it 😀 Inside the carpets are purple, which looks a little weird.
    I think one of my most memorable days in Sydney is NYE. It was one of the hottest days and we had a very similar view to what can be seen on your postcard. Imagine that with fireworks on the Harbour Bridge!
    @Annie Bananie: Well, there aren’t that many more cities in Oz worth knowing 😉 Adelaide, Cairns and Darwin I would say, Hobard and Bundaberg maybe, too (Bundaberrg mainly for the Rum though 😀 )

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