Sydney, Australia

Howdy friends!

Pretty old postcard from Australia! Thanks Anna 🙂

Australia is epic! And in the meantime (means since my first postcard about Australia) I did learn what the capital of Australia was xD It is Canberra!!! Jeii 🙂

One of my firiends is currently in Australia! I really miss her ❤ But nice side effect: postcard from Australia 😀

I would love to go there sometime! Look at this lovely postcard! There live sweet wombats and koalas in Australia 😀 This is definitly a reason to go there xD

I send love friends 🙂


One response to “Sydney, Australia

  1. G’day, I miss You, too. I still have to see wombats, but there are many reasons to come to Oz, it’s an amazing place. I haven’t met a single person who didn’t like it and obviously Syndey is one of the places to go. I lived there fiur months and it’s definetly one of my fav places there so far.

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