Kiev, Ukraine

Pryvit druzi!

One nice postcard from the Ukraine! Thank you Iwanka!

It is obvious that the Ukraine is very busy with the EURO right now (although-tomorrow it will be all over 😛 ) Germany lost its game against Italy. I learnd that there was a football curse :O Germany can never win against Italy. How shitty is this?

May be that you all asume that I am into football, but to be honest – I don’t really care 😛

I have to say that now (just Spain and Italy left) my heart beats for Spain, but I wouldn’t cry when Italy won 🙂

Ukraine is an interesting country. In postitiv and in negativ ways. I would like to go there one time!

What do you think? Who is gonna win the EURO? and what do you think about the Ukraine?

I send love folks 🙂


p.s.: I thought about publishing all the postcards I received with other pictures 🙂

Here is one from Belarus! Thanks Ivan 🙂


One response to “Kiev, Ukraine

  1. richtig geil *auch will*

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