Northern Territory, Australia

Howdy friends!

Another postcard from a blogreader! Thanks a lot Jenny!

I was thinking abou just to copy the text of the postcard, because it is really nice:

Hello Vanessa,
Greetings from Adelaide in South Australia. I look forward to our exchange. This photo in the Northern Territory is nearly 3,000km north of our place, a beautiful natural area, very popular .
The centre of Australia, south of there, is hot, dry, red desert.
I was in Darwin, the capital recently. It is very hot and humid there. They have beautiful sunsets, plants and animals there.
Best wishes,
from Jenny

Wow I love it when the people talk about what’s on the postcard! And it really is very nice. To my shame I have to say that I have not yet sended her a postcard of Munich. I am just very in University-Stress right know. But no worries Jenny! You’ll get one (maybe two – because you had to wait so long)!

I send love!


one postcard from Russia thanks a lot Svetlana 🙂

p.s.2: my boyfriend is really busy recently in getting postcards:

(left to right) Taiwan, Russia, Holland and USA


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