Washington D.C., USA

Hello friends!

Postcard from the capital of the United States! Thank you Cindy!

This is one postcard I received a little while ago and I just rediscovered it and I had to share it with you because  it is just so nice.

Washington D.C. is the city where most of the governmental stuff (sorry xD but I am not really well-versed in this kind of things) is going on, but the citizens of Washington D.C. don’t have the right to vote! Isn’t this ironic? Who decided this? O.o Reall absurd 🙂

I send love

P.s.:  a postcard from the Netherlands! Thanks Judith!


2 responses to “Washington D.C., USA

  1. great one from DC! Nice that my house is on there 😀

  2. eierkuchenmitpilz

    Really? Haha how great 🙂

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