Kotka, Finland

Hei ystävät!

A nice postcard from Finland! Thanks a  lot Hannele!

I googeld a bit about Finland. This is what I found out:

Finish people like to drink, they love their sauna, they are modest and very smart 🙂
In Finland there is almost just lakes and woods, and not much people.
I was looking a youtube video to hear the language and it sounds very funny 😀 I imagine that this is a language which is really hard to learn.

So my dear finnish friends! Am I right? 🙂

Little funny fact about the postcard: Kotka means “an eagle” isn’t this nice? 🙂

I send love!

Ps: little nice postcard from Czech Republic. Thanks Ulla


7 responses to “Kotka, Finland

  1. SUOMI ♥

    • +1
      @Vanny: I bet you know more about Finnland than you think. Especially in Germany finnish rock bands are very popular 😉
      Once you get a little used to the language it’s actually quite nice. I want to learn it no matter how hard it is. Suomen kieli on ihana 🙂

      • vanessalovespostcards

        uh yesss!! Like Sunrise Ave? Like them 🙂 So you learn finish? since when? Why didn’t I know this? 🙂

      • Like sunrise Av, HIM, The Rasmus, Apocalyptica, Nightwish, Poets of the Fall, Negative, The 69 Eyes and that’s just the one that I know. I don’t know why you didn’t know I want to learn finnish. I started May last year by myself but I didn’t do much this year. I think I’ going to do a real course when I go to uni 🙂

      • vanessalovespostcards

        No I really didn’t know this! But how cool! And yess you’re right now when you say it 😉 Love these bands! Especially the Rasmus!! Was a big fan of them.

      • Yeah, The Rasmus is nice, but Lauri Ylonen is no Ville Valo, therefore HIM rules 😉

      • vanessalovespostcards

        Right Ville Vallo is a hottie. I can’t win.. I see 😀 😀

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