Red Flag watercourse, China


Ni hao Péngyǒu!

My third postcard from beautiful China! Thank you very much Ching!

This postcard shows the red flag water canal which was build in the 60s of the last century to water the dry area of the city Linzhou.
Including all the little canals contain about 2000 km. Just the main canal is about 71 km.

2006 the Republic of China included the red flag to the list of monuments in China.

It is said, that when you look at the canal you understand the words of the Chairmen Mao Tse-Tung:  “It is the people that are the creator of the world”

Neitherless, it is a masterpiece of work!

p.s.: a postcard my mother gave me once.
The text sais:

Friendship means

confidence. to laugh together and to cry together and to be there for each other!


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