Kaifeng, China

Ni hao Péngyǒu!

Another postcard from China!

There is a funny story about this postcard. See the back!

So, now I really have no idea about chinese, but I posted this photo in the facebook postcrossing group and so many chinese peolpe helped me.
The person who sent me this postcard (unfortunatley I don’t know what her name is) put a poem on the postcard!! Belong to my chinese friends:

(An) spring in the mountains, to inquire (shares) in the spring What is the name, no one knows.
  Sky reflection in the water (spring), the whole ground (water) surface color and color of the sky is the same, springs from the high cliff waterfalls such as the rain sound.

  (Shares) of spring water outflow from the high mountains, the swell of a mountain stream and creek separation of the tributaries filled with a mountain village in the small pond.

  (Shares) in the spring of quiet and indifferent no one saw, (but whether or not you see, do not care whether you see) (shares) year after year, spring is still so clear.

My own interpretation, LOL, we can be like the unknown and nameless water spring in the mountain that is indifferent to what happens around in it, that rejuvenates itself, clear and beautiful, every year.

Isn’t this just great? Thank you all again!! I would have been lost without you! 🙂

I send love!


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