Laguna de Alegría, El Salvador

Hola amigos!

One very nice poscard from El Salvador! Thank you very much William!

Uuuh I like this card! I like El Salvador! In fact, I had the opportunity to meet some salvadoranian people yesterday. It was so much fun and I enjoyed talking spanish again.

This card shows the “laguna de alegría”, which means about lagoon of joy. Such a nice name 🙂

William wrote something on the postcard about it, which I love btw, but its in spanish. I give my very best to translate it to you:

This postcard shows a turistic spot which is known as “laguna de alegría”. The colour of the water is green, because of the volcanic conditions at this place.
I hope you like it.

Yes of course I like it 🙂 🙂

I send love!


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