Lago di Como, Italy No. 2

Ciao Amici!

I think it is about my third postcard from The “lago di Como”. Doesn’t matter, it is just gorgeous! Thank you very much Susischmusitittchen 🙂

One of my best friends, Susanna send me this postcard from her holidays.

The text she put on the back is just terrific. I am gonna try to translate it for you guys:

Cara Vanessali,
Best Greetings from the lake Comer! I am very enthusiastic, because I can work so good on my suntan, because the weather is so great!
We go hiking, bathing, chilling, we eat icecream and we may can see great fireworks over the lake!
So, enough about this und dare you if I won’t appear in the internet with this masterpiece of postcard!

Hahaha Suseee!! Here you have your published postcard! I simply love it, and I hope all the rest of the ones who step by at my blof will like it too!

I send love!

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