Gdańsk, Poland


Witaj przyjaciele!

Another postcard from Poland! Thank you Ewa! Ewa did send me 10 postcards from several spots of Poland. I think it is gonna take some time until I uploaded every card, but I decided to start with this one from Gdańsk.

Gdańsk was a former german city, called Danzig. After WWII it was annected from Poland. It is a very prosper Portcity. In the Medieval times it was one of the richest citys in the world.

The motto of the city is Nec temere, nec timide (neither impetuous, nor shy). Nice motto 🙂

Ewa wrote on the back:

Gdańsk is very pretty city at Baltic Sea, but it has also sad story – here WW II started. And this naked guy is Neptun – King of the Sea 🙂

Lovely card and a very impressive city.

And for everyone who is wondering what “pozdrowienia” means, it is “Greetings”. (Thank you google Translator 😀 )

I send love!


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