Regensburg, Germany

Hallo Freunde!

Isn’ t this just one of the most beautiful cards you have ever seen? Definetly the most beautiful card from Germany that I own.

Yeterday, me my Sumanpuu and three other friends went to Regensburg. The city I was born. I really don’t see this city often enough, it is so beautiful.

On this picture you can see the Dome of Regensburg. It is UNESCO World Heritage and just beautiful ( I notice in this very moment how often I use the word “beautiful” haha, but I really think this is the word which fits best ^.^).

Not just the Dome, but the whole Old town of Regensburg is UNESCO world heritage. It is so nice there. So many little alleys and old buildings. I love it there.

Thank you my Puu, thanks Anja, Susanna and Padam for a really nice day!
I hope you all like the card I brought. I think it’s beautiful ^.^

I send love!




One response to “Regensburg, Germany

  1. You’re welcome! 🙂 and much of loooooove back!!! 🙂

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