Ship of the desert, Oman

مرحبا أصدقاء!

My first postcard from the sultanate of Oman! Thank you very much Cresalde! I love this card!

This postcard shows a camel, a so called “ship of the desert”.
Comparing the desert and the sea, they have both this wide and the hostility to life and when a camel walks it has this rocking walk what gave him the name “ship of the desert”, because man wasn’t able to cross the desert without the camels, with another medium of transportation, for a very long time.

I like this card. I think it is givinig an indea of the wide of the desert. I have never been to any desert, but I imagine it to be very hard to survive there.

Have you ever been to any desert? What was it like?

I send love!

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