Mijas, Spain

Hola amigos!!

Another great card from Spain! Thank you Jessie!

Jessie is my roommate and she promised to send me 10 cards from her holidays to Spain. Would you like to know why?

Jessie went to the airpot and at the airport she noticed that she forgot her passport. haha Isn’t a great idea to forget your passport when you want to fly away. So I brought her her passport taking a cab. Was a really close thing 😀

So this postcard she sent me from Andalucía. I like this really cute donkey, a tipical andalucian “burro”.

Isn’t it lovely?

I send love!


One response to “Mijas, Spain

  1. thank you for posting that online… you know that it would be very easy to slip some poison into your food right? even tough you cooked today… and it was really good, so thanks by the way. but still! be careful or I might take revenge. by maybe burning your postcards. or your cat!



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