Fonyód, Hungary

Helló barátok!

Another nice card from Hungary! Thank you Susi!

Fonyód is a town and holiday resort on the south shore of Lake Balaton, in north-west Somog, western Hungary, with over 5000 residents.

Here are now 10 facts about Hungary:

Fact 1:
Some of the great inventions like the Rubik’s cube, ballpoint pen and holography were invented by Hungarians.
Fact 2:
Hungary has several natural resources such as coal, natural gas, bauxite and fertile soil.
Fact 3:
The life expectancy rate in Hungary is 66 for men and 74 for women.
Fact 4:
The official language is the Hungarian originated from the Finno-Ugric tribe of languages which is believed to be one of the hardest languages to learn.
Fact 5:
Hungary has several rivers, the major two are Danube and Tisza.
Fact 6:
Hungary has a continental weather: hot in summer and cold humid in winter.
Fact 7:
Budapest is the capital city of Hungary.
Fact 8:
The official currency in Hungary is the Forint.
Fact 9:
The estimated population in Hungary is about 10 million
Fact 10:
Hungary is sharing boarders with Slovenia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania and Croatia.

I send love!


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