Elephants, India

नमस्कार मित्रो

I can’t say it often enough! I love the cards I got from Amit! Thank you so much for this great card!

Wild Elephants not many I have seen but tamed elephants are part of Indian culture. Way back to being used in wars for destruction they are so popular in major festivals in south India decorated & loved a lot. They are amazing animals. I had a ride on them in my childhood.

Wow it has to be so great living in a country with elephants! When I want to see one I have to go to the zoo. I envy Indish people!

Some question.. The elephants with the small ears.. are they from India or from Africa? Always confusing these two types of elephants 🙂

p.s.: Got a great card from China! Thank you Li!


One response to “Elephants, India

  1. small ears ae indian elephants and with large ears are african 🙂

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