líneas de Nazca, Peru

Hola amigos!

I really have to say, I never thought I would get a card of the líneas de Nazca!
When I was back in school I once had to write an essay about the líneas de Nazca and I really have to say that they have enchanted me all over. So thank you very very very much Dani. I really LOVE this card. Actually I was thinking about doing the “mono” (1st picture) as a tattoo. What do you think?

The Nazca Lines  are a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. They were designated as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1994.

I think I know about EVERYTHING about thes lines, but here are some things I think you might find interesting:

As the lines can can only be seen from above they werefirst discovered in the 1930ies. They even builded a motorrail through it without noticing what they were doing.

They are some theories about the origine of the lines of Nazca. One is for example, that the straight lines are landing strips for spaceshuttles. Another (more likely one) is that the lines are sort of a calendar.

I love these líneas! They are so great ^_^

I send love!


2 responses to “líneas de Nazca, Peru

  1. Wow, da könnt man ja direkt neidisch werden über so ne tolle Postkarte *auch haben will* 😉 Ich finde diese Linien auch total faszinierend!

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