Doraemon card :)


This came from T-Kitten from Russia!

I have no idea what the text on the front of the card means. maybe it is japanese?? would be awesome, if someone could translate it in a comment to this card!
btw, I love the King Arthur stamp 🙂

I send love!


3 responses to “Doraemon card :)

  1. This is the cutest card ever!! The character on the bottom right is a Japanese cartoon character named Doraemon, which is my favourite childhood cartoon ^_^ He comes from the future and has a lot of cool gadgets that he takes out from his fourth-dimensional pocket. This card introduces the tool known as “Vampire Set” (bottom right), and the description (top left) is: “This tool lets you drain memory from someone’s brain, but vampires are most afraid of the cross and garlic!” ❤ it~

  2. By the way the cartoon character is Japanese, but the words on the card are Chinese 😉

  3. Ahhh you are the best 🙂 Thank you a lot 🙂 mystery solved :)))

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