Johannesburg, South Africa

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Hallo vrienden!

Jupiduu! A new card for my growing collection! Thank you very much Ruhan! Btw, Ruhan has a very nice blog about postcards too. You can take a look at it ♥here♥.

I like the stamps Ruhan used, although it is kind of sad that there is no postmark.

Do you know the feeling of knowing something 100% for sure and than it turns out, you were wrong all the time? Well, I always thought Johannesburg was the capital of South Africa. Shoking news from wikipedia – It is not! Apparently there are three (!) capital cities: PretoriaBloemfontein and Cape Town. One of each for every power (executive, legistlative and judicative). I have never heard of any other country with more than one capital, but somehow it is a really good idea.

Great card!

I send love!


One response to “Johannesburg, South Africa

  1. I’m only seeing this now! Don’t know how I missed it. Just to explain that we’re not totally crazy for having 3 capitals. South Africa used to be 4 different countries. 2 British colonies and 2 Independent Dutch Republics. So, the English got 1 capital (Cape Town) and the 2 Dutch Republics (South African Republic and Orange Free State) each got their own capital. 🙂

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