Journey through Spain

Hola amigos!

It has been a little while since I last posted. What shall I say – I moved 🙂
Here now goes a little unusual post for me. My dear friend Saskia took a trip to Spain and she did send me a card from every city she visited. So I decided to post the cards in one post in the order Saskia visited them. I start with:



Saskia writes, that it is superhot in Málaga. I so believe her it looks spectacular! Saskia liked the beach best.
Did you know that the famous painter Pablo Picasso was born in Málaga? I once visited his museum in Barcelona and I love his art!
After visiting Málaga, Saskia went on to



Tarifa is a tiny pueblocito (as they say in Spain). There is really nothing! Why is it a tourist destination though you might ask. Well, first of all it is the southernmost coast in Spain. If you are standing on the beach you can see the lights of Morocco across the Straits of Gibraltar. Saskia means it is very famous for surfing.

And we are moving on to



Sevilla is the capital of the comunidad autonoma de Andalusía. Very rich in arcitecture. Gorgeous cathedrals and churches! Saskia means it is one very beautiful city!

And las but not least –



Everyone interested in spanish history one day will see himself confronted with Granada and the famouos Alhambra! The last refuge of the arabs is famous for its gorgeous arcitecture. I already did post some cards showing the Alhambra *click*
on this card you can see La catedral “the cathedral”, which is no arab building.  In 1527 Charles V built this cathedral in the Alhambra complex as a symbol of victory.


I hope you liked this post, which was a bit different than the usual 😉

I send love!


2 responses to “Journey through Spain

  1. The Sevilla card is sooo pretty! ❤

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