Palmyra, Syria


مرحبا الأصدقاء

My first postcard from Syria comes from Tina! An awesome card of a really fascinating country. In the last years, all I hread from  Syria, was war and pain. I really hope this is gonna be better soon and there will be a bit more peace in this world.

On this postcard you can see the great ancient city Palmyra which was a stop on the caravan route, leading to Damascus, the capital of Syria. Palmyra was built near a oasis. The original arabic name is Tadmur, what means something around the city where the palmtrees are. But it was also known under its nickname Bride of the desert. I like the last name best!

I send love!


2 responses to “Palmyra, Syria

  1. Oh, dear lord, how did you find someone to send you a postcard from Syria? :O Congrats! 😀

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