Postrcrossing Meetup in Tegal, Indonesia


Halo teman!

Always a pleasure to get cards from Postcrossing meetings! To those of you, who don’t know what a postcrossing meeting is – It is a gathering of users from You sit together and you write nice cards to your fellow postcrossers and friends all over the world. It is always so much fun!!

So my dear friend Noffar was kind enough to send me this great card from the mini meet up in his hometown Tegal in Indonesia.

On the postcard you can see the main gate of Tegal and its mosque.
Also there is national food on the card! I love food hehe.
One the one hand, we have Ponggol Setan. Noffar tells me it is “Rice with hot spicy devil of peanut” (his words not mine ^^).
The other plate would me Tahu Aci (spicy gluten with tofu). I think it is very clever to use the banana leaves as plate! I m sure it is delicious ♥

I like every card Noffar has sent me so far! He is one of my dearest postcrosserfriends! Love youuuu

I send love!



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