Pippi Longstocking


Hello Friends!

I got this lovely card from Felix in Germany. He made this card himself, and he used cards of a quartett-game to create it.He has a very nice blog himself, you should definitley  check it out *here*.
I love Pippi Longstocking. A fictional character by the swedish author Astrid Lindgren. I adore her. During my childhood I read all her books and Pippi was one of my favourites. Obviously my mother thought so, too as she named my little sister after Annika, one of the best friends of Pippi.

Vielen Lieben Dank lieber Felix für diese tolle und einzigartige Karte!!



One response to “Pippi Longstocking

  1. Sehr gerne =) Und das wird nicht die letzte tolle Karte sein. Übrigens habe ich nochmal ein Pippi-Quartett. Das heißt, es wird irgendwann nochmal andere, neue Karten geben =) Liebe Grüße

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