Cuba, Portugal




Óla amigos!

Everybody thinking that this is a postcard from Cuba – are right! But not the country – This is a card from the beautiful city Cuba in Portugal! It came all across from Paulo in Portugal. Thank you very much Obrigada! I love this card!

Cuba is famous for beeing the birthplace of Cristoph Columbus. I always though he was from Genoa in Italybut apparently I was wrong 🙂
I love the little houses! It looks just so idyllic! I could imagine, that is is a nice place to live when you grow old 🙂

BTW I also posted the other side of this postcard, because it is just so wonderfly nice! I think Paulo did have an awesome idea to split his drawing on two postcards! In case you can’t read it is says:

This is half of a painting. Th other part is going to Bosnia.

Somehow it is a nice thought that there is another person being happy about this painting. I wonder if this other postcard was already received or if it is just now in somebodys hands 🙂

I send love!

One response to “Cuba, Portugal

  1. yes..:)
    but it is beautiful postcards

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