Parque Nacional El imposible, El Salvador

001 002

Hola mahes!

Una joya desde El Salvador!! Un abrazo fuerte William muchisimas gracias! Sos el mejor ♥

This perfect card arrived here today! Three days before I leave for this beautiful country: El Salvador! I can not wait!! (Btw I will be there for three and a half weeks, so I wont be able to upload any cards within this time 😉 )

This card shows a great side in El Salvador! The National Park El Imposible (eng.: the imposible). El Imposible was named for the perilous gorge which used to claim the lives of farmers and pack mules transporting coffee to the Pacific port.
The park is still home to an extraordinary variety of plant and animal life, including pumas, Oncilla, wild boars, king hawks and black-crested eagles. The pacific ocean is visible from high points in the forest.

Should be an awesome place!

I send love!!

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