Self portrait, Frida Kahlo 1948


This is the third card of my Frida Kahlo-themed collection. It came from Norbert in Germany and he just sent this to me to make me happy. Be sure Norbert. I was more than happy. ♥♥

This is Frida’s only painting in 1948 and the second self-portrait in which she appears wearing the traditional Tehuana headdress. In this portrait, the lace ruffle closes off space and makes her look trapped. She is over-dressed and her finery becomes a mask. The contours of her face are full and coarser and her features hardened. Her signature slight mustache makes her look more obviously masculine. The years of pain have taken their toll as is shown by three tears glistening down her cheeks like the tears of the Madonna of Sorrows.

This painting was commissioned by Frida’s dentist and personal friend, Dr. Samuel Fastlicht. In a January 1948 letter to Dr. Fastlicht, Frida apologizes for taking so long to complete the painting due to her poor physical condition and the pain that it is causing her. She writes: “This whole mood is naturally reflected in my self-portrait“, an obvious reference to the tears in her eyes. She continues by saying: “Perhaps you won’t like it at all…..I do like it, because it is the exact expression of my emotions…“. She tells him that her paintings are now selling for $3,000 but because he has been so kind to her that she will sell it to him for just $2,500….and he can keep $500 of that in payment for the recent dental work he has performed on her. In later years, Dr Fastligct performed his professional services on Frida for which she paid him with 2 Still Life paintings with inscriptions dedicating them personally to him.



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