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Hello friends,

This is my first postcard from Vanuatu and I love it! Huge Thank you to the Manager of the Vanuatu Post! ♥

It is actually a great card in a double way, because it was posted with the volcano post of Vanuatu.

The world’s most accessible volcano is in the Vanuatu archipelago—Yasur Volcano, on Tanna Island. It’s also the sight of one of two oddly fascinating postcard offices in Vanuatu.

The post office is nothing more than a pole stuck in the ground with a colourful wooden box on top. But it is located on the side of a lava flow, next to a highly active volcano. Depending on just how violent the volcano is, the post box is moved nearer or further to the lava-spewing caldera.

Is this not just amazing??

I send love!


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