Christmas island

Scan_20141007 (3) Scan_20141007 (4)Hello friends!

Finally! I also got one of the cards the Tourist Association of the Christmas Island gave away! Wonderful card! Thank you!

The Christmas island is, just as the Cocos (Keeling) islands are, a territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean.
They are famous for this red crab you can see on the card. And the stamp. And on the postmark 🙂
This is the Christmas island Red crab which lives on this island!

Awesome card ♥

I sen love!


One response to “Christmas island

  1. Ohh, I LOVE this blog! It’s so well filled in, and organized – and you’ve got so many postcards, wow! Absolutely impressive. I just started Postcrossing as well, and I absolutely love it. Receiving a postcard makes me so happy! I love how you make a short blogpost about every postcard you get. I would love to exchange a card with you (maybe through Swap Bot?) Let me know if you like. I am from the Netherlands, but will soon emigrate to Norway.

    Can’t get over how awesome this blog is ❤ Thanks for sharing your postcards!

    Greetings, Ilse

    (@ilsepulse on SwapBot #visit my website or blog)

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