Romanesque bridge of Sant Antoni, Andorra

Scan_20141016 (8) Scan_20141016 (9)

Hola Amics!

My first postcard from Andorra! Awesome! Thank you very much Ana!

This is a wonderful card and I just love what Ana wrote about this bridge so I just put it here for you all:

People here call it “the lovers bridge”. They say if people get a marrige proposal there, it will be blessed.I do not know if it is true, but I prefer to believe that love and blessed places exist.

Can you imagine to get a proposal there?? It looks so idyllic. I can understand why people think it is a magical place!

I send love!


3 responses to “Romanesque bridge of Sant Antoni, Andorra

  1. I LOVE that you include a close-up of the postagE!

  2. This postcard look so inviting. I love your blog about postcards, it is so wonderful so see so many of them and the postage stamps for each one. Thank you for sharing your passion 🙂 Cheers from Natact on swapbot

  3. Lovely blog , i love that you include the stamps too. I always keep the stamps of my post 🙂 keep you the good work
    swap-bot : MissLDEARTS x

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