Buddha Eyes, Nepal

Scan_20141206 (2) Scan_20141206 (3)

Namaste mera sathiharu ♥

This is actually the first card I ever received written and stamped from Nepal. Dherai Dhanyabaad Krishna! Malaii man parchha 😀

I have been learning Nepali now for quite a while and  was so proud of me when I understood what Krishna wrote for me:

Scan_20141206 (4)
Apparently Krishna is happy that my Nepali is so fluent haha, although I would not quite say that it is ^^

These Buddha eyes you can see on the card are on one of the most beautiful buddhist temples in Kathmandu. Swayambunath

Awesome card!

I send love!


4 responses to “Buddha Eyes, Nepal

  1. hmm so you speak Nepali. That’s awesome! Swayambhunath is about 10 min walk from my house and is truly spectacular. I actually wrote about it on my blog as well. Regards

  2. I agree that you have good knowledge of Nepali language :). It is so nice to see Nepali script on your blog.

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