Frida Kahlo photo


I received this card from Wendy in Mexico. It needed almost 4 months to reach me, but it was all worth it. It is so beautiful. Frida Kahlo was such a wonderful woman. So gifted and beautiful. I adore her.


4 responses to “Frida Kahlo photo

  1. Very cool postcard.

    -zefaniya (Comment and Follow #43)

  2. I think that sometimes the mail we wait for longest ends up meaning the most as it has gone through such a journey to reach us! Especially when it is such a lovely piece of mail as this one is.

    What a great time to receive mail from Mexico, too – right in time for Cinco De Mayo!

    -Angel1985 (Comment and Follow #43)

  3. What a beautiful postcard! I couldn’t help myself and I also watched some other pictures of your postcards – especially those from my country (Poland) and I have to say that your collection is wonderful! They are real treasures you can keep for years! To be honest I don’t know who Frida Kahlo is but I find it useful – right after sending this comment to you I will go and check it. One’s learning new things all life long, right? 🙂
    It was a joy to stay at your beautiful page!

    – ediszon (Comment and Follow #43)

  4. I received a bookmark from Mexico that took about 3 months to reach me and I live in the USA, right above Mexico. As with your postcard my bookmark was worth the wait. I recommended your blog to bloglovin and they said it would be available in a few hours. I will follow your blog with that. I like the way you have listed how many postcards you have received from each country.

    tatntole – Comment and Follow #43

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