Lagos de Moreno, Mexico

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Hola mis amigos!

This is a really nice card I received from Mexico! Thank you very much Rodrigo! That is a really nice stamp there and I am happy it made its way to me, because it is almost complety ripped off. ^^’

Lagos de Moreno is a city and its surrounding municipal area of the same name, located in the extreme northeastern part of the state of Jalisco in Mexico. It is part of the macroregion of Bajío. At the 2010 census the city had a population of 153,817 inhabitants, making it the 6th largest city in the state of Jalisco.

Did you know?
Yucatan, Mexico, was named after amisunderstanding. Spaniards asked the locals what was the place called. They replied “Yucatan,” which in their languagemeans “I don’t understand you.”

I send love!


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