Petit Piton, St. Lucia

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Hello friends!

Saint Lucia in my mailbox! Yay! Thank you very much Ruth ❤

Petit Piton is one of two mountains overlooking Soufrière Bay in the southwest of Saint Lucia. Petit Piton lies towards the middle of the bay, south of the town of Soufrière and north of the larger mountain, Gros Piton, to which it is linked by the Piton Mitan Ridge. Petit Piton rises to a height of 2461 ft (739 m).Gros Piton is taller than it by about 150 ft.

Did you know?

The national bird is the St Lucia Parrot, or Jacquot, which is native only to Saint Lucia.

I send love!



3 responses to “Petit Piton, St. Lucia

  1. Those are such beautiful stamps! I’d kill to go to St Lucia this winter. It’s so cold and yucky in ontario Canada! I love how you add the postcard and stamps to a little slideshow. Very cool! Swap-Bot thebragal

  2. oh wow Munich Germany is not that cozy either right now! Lets go together! 😀

  3. Wow what a beautiful place that looks like. I wish I could go to such a lush looking place

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