Auyán-tepui, Venezuela

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Hola amigos!

I know I have been unforgivably neglecting this blog and I am really sorry,but I had a lot of stress these last couple of months. However – I am back and I will update more often now 🙂 Promise

I got this card from my friend Ysrael from Venezuela! So cool ♥ Gracias Ysra, sos el mejor :*

Auyán-tepui is a tepui in Bolívar state, Venezuela. It is the most visited and one of the largest (but not the highest) tepuis in the Guiana Highlands, with a summit area of 666.9 km2 and an estimated slope area of 715 km2. The uneven, heart-shaped summit plateau of Auyán-tepui is heavily inclined, rising from around 1,600 metres in the northwest to a maximum of 2,450 m in the southeast. It is incised from the north by a vast valley, the Cañón del Diablo (Devil’s Canyon), formed by the Churún River. The larger western portion of the plateau is partially forested, whereas the eastern part comprises mostly bare rock with only patchy vegetation cover. The mountain hosts a number of extensive cave systems.

Did you know?

Venezuela is considered one of the seventeen megadiverse countries that contain most of Earth’s species.

I send love!



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