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Yerevan, Armenia

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Բարեւ Ընկերներ!

This is my second card from Armenia! So wonderful! It comes from my cousin Teresa who went there to a short trip. Awesome! I am so happy to know that she thought of me ♥ Danke Teresa, du bist die beste!

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia and in the backround you can see the Ararat.
Yerevan is actually one of the oldest inhabitated cities in the whole world. It was founded 782 BC. And that is a really old city!

Did you know? Armenia was the first country to be officially converted to Christianity (301 traditional date, 314 revised date: both dates predate 391, the year the Roman Empire became officially Christian).

I send love!


Ararat, Armenia


Բարեւ Ընկերներ!

My very first postcard from Armenia! Awww I love it, when I can erase a country from my missing countries!
Thank you Patrik! I love the card!

This mountain, which is actually a sleeping volcano, is located right at the border with Turkey.
The mount Ararat is also associated with Genesis where it is said that Noah’s Ark landed there.

I like this card very much!

I send love!