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Sabor St. Michael the Archangel, Belarus


Добры дзень, сябры
A nice card from Belarus! Thank you Anfalova!
I love these orthodox churches! Can’t say it often enough! They are so pretty!
I like the blue colour of this church ♥
I send love

Brest-Litowsk, Belarus

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Добры дзень, сябры!
This card comes from Belarus. Thank you Mary!
I just love black white cards! I just love them ♥
This card showes the belarussian city Brest-Litowsk!
I love russian orthodox churches! They are so pretty!
I send love!

Zaslaue, Belarus

Добры дзень, сябры

One nice card from Belarus, thank you Catherine!

Looks sweet doesn’t it? little, nice, idyllic church 🙂

The card says, that the church is called Saviour’s Transfiguration Church. I really found NOTHING about this city and nothing about this lille church. So if you know something, please share!

I send love

p.s. one card from Poland, thank you Sara!

Minsk, Belarus



Добры дзень, сябры

A very beautiful postcard from he capital of Belarus: Minsk. Thank you very much Valeria!

This city has around 1,7 inhabitants. The city Minsk is situated at the Swislatsch (river). In WWII it was almost completley destroyed but today the city is political, economic and cultural centre of Belarus.

This is what Valeria wrote about her card:

I’m sneding you one of my favourite Minsk cards. It depicts one of the central places of our capital. Youth like to take evening walks, especially coulples.

So nice ^_^

I send love!

Vitebsk, Belarus


Прывітанне сябры!

A very wonderful card from Belarus! Thank you very much Marinka!

Vitebsk is the birthplace of the famous painter Mark Chagall!
Please take a look at the painting I like most:

It is called Aleko and Zemphira by Moonlight. I find it very dreamy nd romantic 🙂 How do you find it?

I send love!