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Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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zdravo prijatelji!

The kindest and sweetest Person in the world send me another postcard! Thank you so much Apirak you are awesome!

Mostar is a city and municipality in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the most important city in the Herzegovina region, its cultural capital, and the center of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton of the Federation. Mostar is situated on the Neretva River and is the fifth-largest city in the country. Mostar was named after the bridge keepers (mostari) who in the medieval times guarded the Stari Most(Old Bridge) over the Neretva. The Old Bridge, built by the Ottomans in the 16th century, is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most recognizable landmarks, and is considered one of the most exemplary pieces of Islamic architecture in the Balkans.

Did you know?
Bosnia holds the last jungle in all of Europe!

I send love!

Ps: I case you got interested in Mostar, check the blog from Paige out: The nice thing about strangers! Very nice!


Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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zdravo prijatelji!

My first postcard from Bosnia & Hetegovina! Thank you very much Maja

This card comes from Banja Luka, where Maya studies Pharmacy.  It is the capital of the Republic of Srpska.
I really like all the lights on the card. It is very beautiful. I wonder why the roads are glowing like this.

I send love!