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Plaza Morazán, El Salvador

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Hola amigos!

My beautiful El Salvador! Yay! Thank you so much William ♥ I love the Celia Cruz stamp! Azúcar!

San Salvador (English: Holy Savior) is the capital city of El Salvador and of San Salvador Department. It is the country’s political, cultural, educational and financial center. The San Salvador metropolitan area, which comprises San Salvador and thirteen of its surrounding municipalities, is one of the largest urban centers in Central America, with a projected population of 1,767,102 in 2015.

Did you know?

El Salvador is known as the “Land of the Volcanoes” because of the more than 20 volcanoes in the territory. Two of them are currently active.

I send love!


Parque Nacional El imposible, El Salvador

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Hola mahes!

Una joya desde El Salvador!! Un abrazo fuerte William muchisimas gracias! Sos el mejor ♥

This perfect card arrived here today! Three days before I leave for this beautiful country: El Salvador! I can not wait!! (Btw I will be there for three and a half weeks, so I wont be able to upload any cards within this time 😉 )

This card shows a great side in El Salvador! The National Park El Imposible (eng.: the imposible). El Imposible was named for the perilous gorge which used to claim the lives of farmers and pack mules transporting coffee to the Pacific port.
The park is still home to an extraordinary variety of plant and animal life, including pumas, Oncilla, wild boars, king hawks and black-crested eagles. The pacific ocean is visible from high points in the forest.

Should be an awesome place!

I send love!!

Laguna de Alegría, El Salvador

Hola amigos!

One very nice poscard from El Salvador! Thank you very much William!

Uuuh I like this card! I like El Salvador! In fact, I had the opportunity to meet some salvadoranian people yesterday. It was so much fun and I enjoyed talking spanish again.

This card shows the “laguna de alegría”, which means about lagoon of joy. Such a nice name 🙂

William wrote something on the postcard about it, which I love btw, but its in spanish. I give my very best to translate it to you:

This postcard shows a turistic spot which is known as “laguna de alegría”. The colour of the water is green, because of the volcanic conditions at this place.
I hope you like it.

Yes of course I like it 🙂 🙂

I send love!

El Salvador

Hello friends out there!!

I have a really special bound to El Salvador. I have a lot of friends there, and one of them sent me this lovely postcard. I will write this post also in spanish, so they could understand and read it, too 🙂

I got this postcard, and on the back my friend wrote:  because I know, your Dad likes the old trains. Thank you Pinky!

El Salvador is the smallest country in Middle America but neitherless it has a wonderful landscape and (as I heard) amazing beaches 🙂

It makes me feel a little sad, when I hear about the history (bloody civil war) and the pain there was and is…

But the people I know are so kind and so brave.. chapeaux to all my friends in El Salvador! I love you

Hola mis amigos!!!

Tengo una realcion muy especial con El Salvador. Tengo un montón de amigos ahi, y uno de ellos me mandó esa postal linda.  Lo escribo también en espanol, para que mis amigos hispanohablantes lo entiendan también 😉

Recibí esta carta, en el reverso estaba escrito: Porqué sé, que tu papá quiere los trenes antiguos. Muchas gracias mi Pinky!!!

El Salvador es el país más pequeno de America Central, pero sin embargo tiene un paisaje muy lindo  (como he escuchado) y playas extraordinarias.

Me da un poco de pena en cuando estoy pensando en la historia (había una guerra civil muy sangriente) y la miseria que había y también hay…

Pero la gente en El Salvador es tan amable y valiente… chapeaux por todos mis amigos en El Salvador! Los quiero mucho!