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Faroe Islands



Hej venner!

A wonderful card I got from the Randall family! Thank you very much! I love the card! And please – Let me know if I can send you something in return 🙂 I’d be happy!

The Faroer island is – just as Greenland – an equal nation within the Kingdom of Denmark. But the faroer people don’t consider themselves as danish, but as faroe. They have their own language (To bad I couldn’t find a faroer dictionary – so if somebody knows how I can say Hello friends is faroer I’d be more than happy!) and an own culture.

A very interesting country and a very great card!

I send love!


bird from faroe islands


Another cad I got from my postcard dealer Noffar! 🙂
This card comes from the Faroe islands!

So nice nice nice nice nice 🙂

I send love!