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streets of Hong Kong



What a great card from Hong Kong! Thank you so much Abi!

Hong Kong, is an autonomous territory on the southern coast of China at the Pearl River Estuary and the South China Sea. Hong Kong is known for its skyline and deep natural harbour. It has an area of 1,104 km2 and shares its northern border with the Canton Province of Mainland China. Home to around 7,200,000 Hongkongers and other nationalities, Hong Kong is one of the world’s most densely populated regions.

Did you know?

Eating noodles on one’s birthday is considered by the residents of Hong Kong to afford one a long and blessed life.

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Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong



I go this awesome card today! Thank you very much Leanna!

This card shows the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.
Leanna tells me, this harbour was named after the english Queen Victoria.
I love how the city looks. When I was little and we were going by car on a long trip I always enjoyed how the cities looked at night, with all the wonderful lights.
I think it is great how the lights reflect on the water ♥

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Disneyland, Hong Kong




Here goes a very wonderful postcard from Hong Kong!!! Thank you so much my dear Bradley!! This is Disney Land!! So great! I love the Mickey Mouse ♥

Some facts about Hong Kong!

  • Officially, Hong Kong was announced as ‘Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’ of China on 1 July 1997.
  • Hong Kong measures more than 1,092 sq km, and includes the New Territories, Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, and many other small isles.
  • A dialect of Chinese known as Cantonese is an official language of Hong Kong and English is the second language spoken.
  • It is not only a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, but also has its own mini-establishment i.e. the Basic Law.
  • The union allegory of Hong Kong and China is Sousa Chinensis i.e. the Chinese White Dolphin.
  • ‘Hong Kong’ in English means ‘Fragrant Harbor’.
  • At the Pearl River foot, to the southeast of China is situated Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong is surrounded by South China Sea from east, west and south sides and to the north is Guangdong province.
  • After the victory over the Chinese in the 1842 Opium War, British took over the Hong Kong.
  • The topography of Hong Kong is nice-looking hilly region as well as outdoor escalators are also provided so tourists can have a better look over the natural surrounding Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong is among the most populated province in the world.
  • Feng Shui plays an important role in the Hong Kong culture, even before building a building, Feng Shui is considered.
  • Eat noodles on your birthday is believed to extend your life in Hong Kong.
  • Private firework parties are prohibited in Hong Kong.
  • In Hong Kong, a couple has two wedding ceremonies. The first ceremony is an officially signing the marriage register and second is followed by banquet.

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Hong Kong

Ni hao Péngyǒu!

A wonderful postcard from Hong Kong! I love it! Thank you Meylinda!

This card shows Tsing Ma Bridge and it’s the worlds largest combined road and rail suspension bridge. The main span is 1377 metres. The total length of the 160000 km suspension cablewire is enough to circle the world four times.

Great card!

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