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Persepolis, Iran

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سلام دوستان

My very first postcard from Iran!! Jupiduu! Thank you so much Soode! I love it 🙂

Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (ca. 550–330 BCE). Persepolis is situated 70 km northeast of the modern city of Shiraz in the Fars Province of modern Iran. The earliest remains of Persepolis date from around 515 BCE. UNESCO declared the citadel of Persepolis a World Heritage Site in 1979. To the ancient Persians, the city was known as Pārsa (“The City of Persians”).* The English word Persepolis is derived from the Greek Πέρσης πόλις Pérsēs pólis (“Persian city”). In contemporary Persian, the site is known as تخت جمشید Takht-e Jamshid (“The Throne of Jamshid”), and چهل منار Chehel minar (“The Forty Columns/Minarets”).

A lovely card!!

I send love!