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Rovereto, Italia


Ciao Amici!

I received this card from Elena in Italy, which I got to know via Isn’t this a sweet card?

Rovereto was an ancient fortress town standing at the frontier between the bishopric of Trento – an independent state until 1797 – and the republic of Venice, and later between Austrian Tyrol and Italy.
Elena tells me that this city is about 3 hours away from her village. On the card you see the museum of contemporary art 🙂

Did you know?

Vatican city in Rome is the smallest country in the world. Even the Central Park in New York is bigger!

I send love


Merano, Italy

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Hallo Freunde! Ciao Amici!

Here goes a card from mi hermana de mis pensamientos ♥ Danke Dani für die tolle Karte und fürs an-mich-denken 🙂

This card shows Merano a city in south Tyrol in southern Italy! You might wonder why I put a german Hello Friends before 🙂
Well, although South Tyrol remains to Italy the majority of the populations speaks german as their ancestors are austrian-bavarian. Just around a quarter of the inhabitants speak italian as their first language. There is also a third language spoken by the people there which is often forgotten to mention: Ladin. Ladin is also a roman language which is closly related with swiss romansh and friaulian.

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Venice, Italy


Ciao amici!

Here goes a very nice card! I got it from Darya! Thank you very much! I love this card ♥

Well this is Venice. But not the ordinary Venice – it is a drawn Venice! How lovely is that? I have been once in Venice, but it is already a really long time ago. I remember we arrived in the middle of the night and I was too tired to cherish this lovely town. I was really little back then ^^ I hope I can visit it again one day… 🙂

I send love!

Rome, Italy

010Ciao amici!

Thank you Giancarlo Gasponi for taking this picture for this awesome postcard, And thank you Gio for sending it to me!

I love postcards which invite to dream. Just imagine walking over this bridge and enjoying this magical view of the St. Peter’s cathedral! Maybe afterwards you could have a glass of vine in a little trattoria and just living the moment!
I almost can smell the water and the hear people talking italian. It has been so long since I was in Italy… For a german family it is almost a have to, to spend their holidays in Italy on a nice camping lot! There is nothing better for a child 😀 😀 I miss that

I send love!

Verona, Italy


Ciao amici!

Look at this wonderful postcard! It is so gorgeous! Thank you very much Maurizio!

Thinking of Verona, I always think of one of the most popular plays of William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet. I have received a great card of this theme. You shall look at it, it is great: The balcony of Romeo and Juliet.

Nowadays, Verona is very popular for its roman buildings, especially the bridge (you can see it on the card). There are also lots of nice museums and a monastery and a castle nearby. A city full of culture!

I send love!

Bologna, Italy


Ciao amici!

I got this wonderful card from Marco from Italy! Mille grazie Marco!
This postcard shown a lovely card from the basilica di San Luca in Bologna.
This is so great, so many italian dishes were named after cities.  I bet spaghetti bolognese comes from there ♥

I send love

Isola d’Elba, Italy

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Ciao Amici!

I got this card from my dear friend Carmen! Danke Charming 🙂

Elba is a really nice little island. Carmen writes, that she could stay here forever, as the sea is blue and clear, the sun is shining madly and she just enjoys life! I so envy her!

Maybe you already read it in another post of mine, but my boyfriend is Nepali and in September we will visit his country! I am so looking forward!

I send love!