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Karak, Jordan


Hello friends! (In Jordan are 8 languages official language:English, French, Cicassian, Chechen, Armenian, Kurdish and Turkish. But I thought I stick with english this time ;))

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Karak  is a city in Jordan that is known for the famous crusader castle Kerak. The castle is one of the three largest castles in the region, the other two being in Syria. Karak is the capital city of Karak Governorate.

Karak, once a Kingdom, lies 140 km to the south of Amman on the King’s Highway. An ancient Crusader stronghold, it is situated on a hilltop about 1000 meters above sea level and is surrounded on three sides by a valley. Karak has a view of the Dead Sea. A city of about 20,000 people has been built up around the castle, and it has buildings from 19th century Ottoman period. The town is built on a triangular plateau, with the castle at its narrow southern tip, but it is undoubtedly Karak Castle which dominates.

Here go some facts about Jordan:

1. The currency of Jordan is Jordanian Dinar.

2.The Ain Ghazal site, situated near Amman, is said to have been first inhabited over 9,000 years ago.

3.It is believed that Moses is buried on Mount Nebo of Jordan.

4. Petra, the capital of the Nabataean Arabs, is a city that was carved into rock two thousand years ago and remained unknown to Europeans until the 19th century.

5. It is said that John the Baptist was imprisoned at Mukawir, a palace situated to the south of Madaba.

6. The national dish of Jordan is Mansaf, a large tray of rice with chunks of stewed lamb and jameed, a yogurt sauce.

7. Jordanians believe that excessive praise of children brings bad luck, so it should be avoided.

8. Jordan used to be a part of the Fertile Crescent in the ancient times.

9. In 1946, Jordan was established as an independent country, with Emir Abdullah being its king.

10. The Dead Sea, in the northwest of Jordan, forms the lowest point on earth.

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