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Jambo hababi!

Wow in these last days I was really lucky with my postcards! Thanks a lot Claire!

I would like to ad something to Claire, because i think she had an extraordinary good idea! Claire is a teacher and she started in postcrossing to give her students an understanding of the world out there. She reads the postcards she gets in her cclass to her students. Wow such a great idea.

I don’t know if I mentioned it somewhere in my blog, but I am studying to become a teacher too someday. I hope Claire wont mind, if I stole her idea!

Besides this, this postcard is really nice! I can’t imagine living in a coutry with these wild animals! Here you have to go to the zoo to see such animals.
I love it!

What do you think about Claire’s idea? And what do you think about the postcard and Kenya? Do you have such as a “kenyan” wildlife?

I send love!

p.s. a really nice postcard from Finland! Thanks Saphire!