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Klaipėda, 100 years ago, Lithuania

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Apie draugus!

This is a nice card I got from Jovita from Lithuania! Thank you very much! This card shows the citiy Klaipėda. Klaipėda was formaly part of Germany, more presicley of East Prussia. So when this picture was taken the citie’s name was Memel. You would not think so..

I send love!


Vilnius, Lithuania

Sveiki Draugai

Wow a card from the capital of Lithuania!! Thank you Lina!!

This is my first poscard from Lithuania! Exciting!

It is so green there! Isn’t it? Wonderful 🙂 I love cities with a lot of green. It just doesn’t look like  big city at the first sight. So much green and the idyllic river…

Yes Vilnius seems like a great place to live 🙂

I send love ❤

ps.: Like I promised in my post about Heidelberg:
My boyfriend received his first postcard!! It is from Poland! Isn’t is sweet? ❤