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Yangon, Myanmar


Mingalaba thu nge chin!!

This is actually the first written and stamped postcard I received from Myanmar. Awesome! Big day for my collection ♥ I got this from Apirak, thank you so much ❤ If you ever decide to travel to Munich, give me a heads up and I buy you some coffee 😉

Yangon is a former capital of Myanmar and the capital of Yangon Region. Yangon is the country’s largest city with a population of over five million, and is the most important commercial centre, although the military government officially relocated the capital to Naypyidaw in March 2006.

Did you know?

Betel nut is vastly popular in the country and people will chew on it right through all their waking hours. (photogenic topic as Apirak tells)

I send love!


Bagan, Myanmar

Mingalaba thu nge chin!!

Thank you Olga for this absolutley wonderful postcard! My friend Olga was on a trip through Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand (her postcard from Thailand is already published

I am so gladful that all my friends are helping me with my collection! Myanmar is really one extraordinary nice country! I really don’t know much about it but it seems like a mystirious country, and very rich in its culture!

What do you think about this postcard!

I send love!