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Laguna Tiscapa, Managua, Nicaragua


Hola mis queridos!

Today was a happy postcard day for me – I got this awesome card from my friend Skarlett in Nicaragua. Thank you very much Skarlett ♥

This lake is near the capital of Nicaragua – Managua. Skarlett tells me she really likes this lake, because it is nearby where she lives. In Munich (where I live) we have the Isar (a river floating through our city) and I also love it to just look into the water and smell this watery scent 🙂

I send love!


Artesanía de Nicaragua


Hola amigos!

I got this great card from Skarlett from Nicaragua! Muchas Gracias!!!
That is what I love in Latin America! The artesanía! I think the english expression would be handicraft. I think the latin american handicraft is outstanding! so colourful and full of joy of living. I loved this when I was in Chile and I also think this vase on the card is just beautiful.

Do you have such handicraft in your country. In Germany we do not have such :/

I send love!

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


Hola amigos!

I got this card via sendsomething from Skarlett from Nicaragua! Muchísimas gracias! Me encanta!

This card shows the little seaside city San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua. Maybe you will now see cards from Nicaragua more often. I would love to 😀 😀

I send love

León, Nicaragua No. 2

Hola amigos!

My second card from Nicaragua! Thanks gain Oscar!

This card shows the church, iglesia “La recoleccion” (the harvest)

Three blocks north of the cathedral, the 1786 Iglesia de La Recolección is considered the city’s most beautiful church, a Mexican-style baroque confection of swirling columns and bas-relief medallions that portray the life of Christ. Dyed a deep yellow accented with cream and age, the lavishly decorated facade may be what makes the cover of all the tourist brochures, but be sure to stop inside and admire the slender mahogany columns and ceiling decorated with harvest motifs.

I like this card! What about you?

I send love!

León, Nicaragua



Hola amigos!

My first postcard from Nicaragua! Many thanks to you, Oscar!

This postcards shows the Monument of  Maximo Jerez in León. Maximo Jerez was foreign minister in Nicaragua.

León (full name: Santiago de los Caballeros de León) This lovely city is centre of peanunt and sugar cultivation.

I like this card and I an everytime so happy I receive a card from a country I don’t have in my collection! And as I love Latin America I am twice as happy about this card!

I send love!