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Hei venner!

Jeii my first postcard from Norway! Thanks a lot Gerlinda!

Everything I know about Norway is that they have a monarchy and a lot of moose. Haha (naive stupid me xD)

Wow by watching these little fotos I see that Norway owns a extraordinary diversity. Wow.

Have you ever been to Norway?

I send love!


Trondheim, Norway

hei venner!

A really nice postcard from Norway. Thanks a lot Marit 🙂 Actually this was the third postcard I ever received via postcrossing.

I have never heard of Tronheim before, so I checked it out on wikipedia. Turns out Trondheim is the third biggest city in Norway. Through the city goes a canal and all these nice buildings are lining the canal.  You could think this was Venice, but the snow on the buildings and the obvious skandinavian stile of the buildings interrupt this thought in its babyshoues 🙂

I really like this postcard and I think Trondheim has to be a really nice city!

Have you been to Trondheim or Norway? What is it like?

I send love!