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Daranak Falls, Philippines

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After a long time I got another card from the beautiful Philippines. I would like to say first, that I was really distressed about the recent tragedy in the Philippines. I have some dear friends I was really worried about.
I hope the Philippines are able to rise again soon. Hopefully stronger then before.

I got this card from Edgar coming from the Philippines.
This card showes the Daranak Falls there. They look just lovely 🙂

I send love!


Subic, Philippines

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After a long time (how I find) I got another card from my good friend Bradley from the Philippines! Thank you very much for that!!

Subic is a municipality in the province of Zambales, located along the northern coast of Subic Bay in the Philippines.

Like Iba, the provincial capital, and neighboring Olongapo City, Subic is also a fast growing municipality and expected to become a component city. It is a former home of one of the largest US military facilities outside of the US mainland, the Subic Bay Naval Base.

I send love!!


Intramuros,Manila, Philippines


Here I got another great card from my dear friend Bradley! Thank you a million times! He already did send me 4 cards and I think I have send him about 6 or seven but only one card ever arrived 😦 It is a bit unfair. But I really wish that my cards will arrive soon.

The walled city of Intramuros used to be the home of Spanish colonizers of the Philipines. Today it is a tourist destination wher visitors can enjoy the nostalgic legacy of the bygone Spanish colonial Era.

It is a really lovely card.

I send love!

Cebu, Phillipines


Here I got another beautiful postcard from Cebu Island from the Phillipines! Thank you very much Krissa! I love this card 🙂

Cebu is one of the leading cities in the country. It is almost at par with the country’s capital, Manila – where I live.

I like this card It shows really beautiful places:

1. Dalaguete Beach
2. Kawasan Falls
3. Taoist temple
4. Cebu Cathedral

very lovely

I send Love!

Jeepney, Philippines


Another great card from my friend Bradley from the Philippines! Thank you very much!! I love this card ^^

I would like to introduce, the Philippine Jeepney (also known as the “King of the Road”). It is the most popular meane of public transportation. Originally made from US military jeeps left over after the American troops left the country. The jeepneys were also known for its crowded peating (with at leas 25 seating capacity). The designer of the jeepney was Leonardo Sarao, the grandfather of my classmate.

I really thin k this jeep is great! Look at the numerous lights! It’s a masterpiece!! I like it 🙂

I send love!

Underground River, Palawan, Philippines




Another gorgeous postcard from the Philippines! Thank you Krissa!

The Palawan Underground River is one of the seven wonders of Nature. I am so proud it’s included in the list. Palawan, the island where it is located is among the few places of virgin forests here in the country.

Wow, this card is definetly just great! This place seems so mystirious, just if it was from a romantic legend.

What do you think? Isn’t it just beautiful?

I send love!

Manila Bay, Philippines




Another card from my friend Bradley from the Philippines!

The postcard shows a Kalua (Kalesa), one of the mode of transportation in Philippines on spanish Regime. And now, if you wantto have a tour in Manila, you can ride with this. The backround was a shoreline in Roxas Blvd. (formerly known as Dewey Blvd.) And a spectacular view from Manila Bay. Unfortunateley the part of the bay was destroyed by a strong typhoon. But it is constructed again lately.

So far what Bradley wrote. I love this card, and it is so nice he writes so much what the card is about.

Wuld you like to take a ride with this kalesas (horse drawn calash)? I would definetly!!

I send love!